Company Overview

Hansolbio Overview

Ideal for health and beauty and value realization of customer dreaming

  Hansolbio was led by the CEO who took a significant part of developing core technologies in Korean cosmetic industry and since the joining of key experts in each sector of cosmetics including R&D Hansolbio was finally established as a company highly specialized in cosmetics research and development in July 2012. Based on a strong desire to provide customers with the highest quality, Hansolbio engaged in a joint research with many local governmental research institutes based upon the know-hows have been accumulated so far as a result of experts in different sector worked together. Hansol also built its high-added value technology of cosmetics through the university-industry cooperation in the national projects, making its utmost efforts to realize customer’s value beyond the beauty. We are committed to working for customer’s valuable and beautiful future as a company highly specialized in the realization of values on beauty and health.

Special Company Hansolbio

High reliable technology-based ODM/OEM/OGM company

High technology company hansolbio

  Hansolbio has realized the quality-oriented philosophy based upon the accumulated experiences and know-hows. Within a globally fierce competition in the cosmetic industry, Hansolbio has steadily made a considerable effort to launch highly safe and quality products; therefore, Hansolbio is committed to improving customers’ beauty, especially skin as a life companion.

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