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We have taken our first step as to realize the beauty and health in customers under its name, Hansolbio since July 2012.
Thought it was a fresh challenge, it could be fully feasible with expert highly specialized in each field of cosmetics on the aims of realizing the ideology of Hansolbio.
Based on the factory design that satisfies the latest domestic/international quality standards, we have ensured our technology through R&D investment in research institutes and as a result, we recently have registered as a venture company of technical evaluation. We also have selected as a target company for diverse university-industry joint projects to execute many governmental projects. Hansol also has entered into a MOU with many prominent research institutes home and abroad to achieve a splendid technical improvement.

We also had applied a company-wide quality management system to achieve our ideology on customer satisfaction and acquired the cGMP certificate by KFDA in years since its foundation, as well as ISO 9001 certificate in 6 months, thereby, has making a splendid achievement.

Rather than approaching customers with flowery languages without a clear quality determination and excellent technology, we are committed to ensuring the internal stability through it takes time and poses difficulty delivering our values to customers. Thus, we are committed to making humble efforts at serving our role as a strong partner for customer’s better and beautiful life. We are also dedicated to making a creative and adventurous challenge.
Thank you.

Special Comapny Hansolbio

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