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Research Institute in October 2012

Promoted university-industry cooperation in a joint research

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Laboratory equipment and technology

Hansolbio uses a HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) equipment and skin diagnosis system (A-One) for research and development particularly on the effective material sciences at the practical application, analyzing the systematic efficacy on the developed raw materials and cosmetics. Hansolbio has entered into a MOU with many other prominent research institutes including Natural Products Research, Gyeonggi Institute of Science Education, etc. to engage in a diverse joint research, as well as working together to apply a joint patent on the competitive performances.


cGMP A to Z

Product quality maintenance a to z

Hansolbio’s tenacity on the quality as the cGMP compliant is systematic, continuous and thorough. Hansolbio performs inspection on a regular basis for the factory designed with facilities management and anti-contaminant system to maintain the sanitation control. A systematic verification process is underwent on microorganism and its contents, and impurities upon the receipt of several hundred cosmetic ingredients. We are devoted to providing the best quality in manufacturing, as well as the production of completed goods through a systematic and phased quality management.



Research Institute in charge of the interview

The ultimate goal of Hansolbio Research Institute is to develop the ingredients that improve the utility of domestic/foreign ingredients using the herbal or fermentation method effective in a diverse category of customer needs – skin troubles, atopic skin, antioxidant, anti-ageing, etc. Furthermore, Hansolbio applies liquid crystal emulsification method, PTD method and liposome method in order to effectively deliver ingredients to skin; therefore, we are dedicated to implementing the continued research and development especially focusing on the development of cosmetics directly affecting the skin.


3 Types of Research Development

Development of CosmeticsResearch & Development of Cosmetic Hansolbio aims for higher customer satisfaction by specifying the research and development on skin care, hair, body, etc. In addition, Hansolbio has developed brightening, anti-wrinkles, sun protection and multi-functional cosmetics, and possessed the approved products. Hnasolbio entered a MOU with many other domestically prominent research institutes to develop more outstanding raw materials and technologies, thereby improving the product competitiveness.

Tonic is made of clear liquid by solubilized and stabilized water-insoluble substances.
This emulsion is combined with tonic and cream, so is likely less oily but highly watery.
Item: Female/male lotion, body lotion, baby lotion, sun lotion and sun tanning
A key product of basic cosmetics that is capable of combining oil, moisturizer and water at a large ratio
Item: peel-off pack, wash-off pack, mud type, gel-type, cream type
Cleansing is supplied in different types of formulas.
Item: clear-type, gel-type, emulsion-type
essence Skin in the alimentary products.
Item: Transparent gel essence, essence, emulsion essence.
All products related to body care
Item: body mist, body lotion, body water, body oil, body cleanser, soap, hair products
Children care
Mild product specially designed for infants and children
Item: Baby lotion, baby oil, baby bath, soap for atopic skin, baby shampoo
Item: Perfume (female/male perfume)

Make-up base
Moisture boost before wearing make-up
Item: Liquid-type, cream-type, mousse-type, spray-type
Make-up foundation to improve the skin tone and cover up the blemishes
Item: Liquid-type, cream-type, emulsion-type, spray-type, powder-type, mousse-type, emulsion cake-type
Concealer Concealer to provide full coverage to local spots such as acnes, etc. Item: stick-type, pen-type, liquid-type
Two-way cake A power to improve the skin tones and cover up the blemishes
Face Powder
Powder to improve the skin tone and complexion, and skin finish for oily skin
Mascara A product to make eyelash longer and thicker
Item: Volume, long lash, waterproof, base mascara, clear mascara
Eyeliner A product to make eyes to make them look bigger and clear
Item: Liquid-type, brush pen-type, cake-type, gel-type
BB cream A product to supply moisture, shinning and nutrition to skin as well as to improve the skin complexion
Item: Air cushion, tube, pump

Basic hair care Basic hair care products
Item: Hair shampoo, rinse, conditioner
Intensive hair care
Intensive hair care especially designed for damaged hair in addition to basic care
Item: Hair treatment, hair pack
Hair wax Hair styling product
Item: Super hard, hard wax
Hair gel Simple and easy styling product
Item: Hair gel, glaze, gel spray
Hair essence Product especially designed to maintain healthy hair or restore the damaged hair
Item: Hair essence, hair lotion, coating essence, hair mist, hair

Sunblock A function to block or protect skins from sunlight
Item: Sun spray, sun lotion, sun milk, sun powder, BB cream
Brightening Products to reduce or prevent melanin pigments in the skin
Item: Active ingredients such as Arbutin, pure vitamin C Glycyrrhiza Extract
Anti-ageing Products to enhance the skin elasticity to improve the wrinkles
Item: Excessive contents of active ingredients such as Retinol, retinyl palmitate, adenosine
Multi-functional product
Products that combine two or more functions – brightening, anti-ageing and sunblock Developed functional active formulations

Non-medical products
Classified as product with a minor effect on the human body, including fibers and sanitary products provided on the purpose of preventing bad breath, body odor and hair loss, or hair-growing and hair-dyeing
Item: Female cleanser, deodorant, hand sanitizer, baby powder, wet tissue, tooth paste

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