ODM network system provides a complete total service from client orders to follow-up management, and from product development to complete product. This total service covers a series of product processes – identifying market trend, product planning, development, production, management and delivery.



The cGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Guidelines and Inspection) and systematic production facilities are built in Hansolbio, as well as facility system capable of covering the production in different sector, from small quantity batch production to mass production.



World-class technical engineers working at the reliable high technology company are dedicated to developing excellent cosmetics concentrated on basic sciences and applied sciences. Not only the general cosmetics, they are pouring their utmost efforts to develop highly functional cosmetics and non-medical products.


Cosmetics Manufacturing and Quality Management
A strict certification system to be enforced to establish facility and system to produce high quality of cosmetics.

ISO 9001

The International Standard Management System
The ISO 9001 certificate is an international standard applicable to organization in all areas of facilities, work processes and quality management including the development, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics.


Company-affiliated research institute
Officially certified as a highly capable of implementing researches with high level of facilities and researchers in accordance with the laws.


Venture Company Certificate
A certificate designed to select and approve company with innovative and differentiated technology.

WELCOME 2015 Exposition

Hansolbio in this year is prepared to participate in diverse exhibitions in overseas with the aims of advancing the global market starting from gift show held in February, Japan. Hansol is committed to planning the development of new products in the global exhibition in order to ensure its technology and competitiveness specialized in a rapidly changing cosmetics industry. The related project group of Hansolbio is engaging in making every decision from raw materials to manufacturing. Especially Hansolbio has been recognized as a high-performance company within a short time based on the investment focused on the development of technology and materials that is highly differentiated from others. Starting from gift show held in February, Japan, you can confirm the high technology Hansolbio exhibits

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See the latest news and new products in a diverse exhibition both home and abroad that Hansol had participated.

2016 바이오 코리아
2015. 인도네시아 코스모뷰티
2015 태국 비욘드 박람회
2015 대한민국 뷰티 박람회
2015 광저우 미용 박람회
2015 코스모뷰티 아시아
2015 중국 제남 박람회
2015 중국 상해 박람회
2015 바이오 코리아
2013 대한민국 뷰티 박람회
2013 광저우 미용 박람회
2014 베트남 코스모 뷰티
2014 대한민국 뷰티 박람회
2015 일본동경기프트
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